Want to have a booth at our events? Read below to find out more!

Throughout the year Duke Homestead hosts several events which feature local arts and crafts persons from the Durham area and North Carolina. Below you will find all the information you need to participant in our events. You can find a full calendar of the year's events here

Artists, Artisans, and Crafts Persons: Duke Homestead proudly supports local arts and crafts persons at our events. We require that participating vendors make the wares that they are selling.

Booth Space: Booth space for events is FREE unless otherwise specified. Booths are usually a 10x10 ft space. Vendors are responsible for providing their own chairs and tables for their booth space. A securely anchored  tent, awning or umbrella is permitted within the booth space.

Entrance Fee: The large majority of our events are free and open to the public unless otherwise specified.

Events and Deadlines: Click the links to get more information about each event.

Bull Fest (June 14th): applications due by June 1st

Pork, Pickles, & Peanuts (July 12th): applications due by July 1st

Summer Children's Festival (August 9th): applications due by August 1st

Harvest & Hornworm Festival (September 12th): applications due by September 1st

How to Apply: Download the Participant Agreement and Application.

Read the Participant Agreement. Then fill out and sign the Participant Application (make sure to indicate which event or events you are applying for).

Return the Participant Application to Duke Homestead via mail OR email by the deadline for the event you would like to participate end. 

You may use one application for multiple events as long as the application is in by the deadline of the earliest event.  For example, if you want to participate in Bull Fest and the Summer Children's Festival, you can list both on the application but it must be in by the dead line for Bull Fest. 

Return application by mail to:

Duke Homestead

2828 Duke Homestead Rd.

Durham, NC 27705

OR Return a scanned copy of the application by email to:


For a full list of our events click here.

If you have any questions about our events, contact us.

Let us know if you are interested in becoming a volunteer!