Apply to be a Vendor

Read the information for participating vendors and fill out the Vendor Application below. All participating vendors must first register with the DOR and obtain a Certificate of Registration.  Please do not apply until you have a Certificate of Registration. 

We have no vendor opportunities for 2021, but hope to be back to our full slate of events next year!

All vendor applications are due two weeks prior to the event. 

Information for Participating Vendors:

This pertains to ALL events eligible to Vendors at Duke Homestead.

Artists, Artisans and Crafts Persons: Duke Homestead supports local North Carolina arts and crafts persons, and requires that participating vendors make the wares they are selling. Please no direct sell items

Juried Event: All applications for participation will be reviewed by the Duke Homestead staff. Participants will receive notification if their application is accepted. Vendors may use one application to apply for multiple events. Duke Homestead will notify vendors which events they have been accepted for. All participating vendors must register with the DOR and obtain a Certification of Registration.

Inclement Weather Policy:  The full day events will start at 10:00 a.m. and continue until 3:00 p.m. rain or shine unless specified by the Sponsor. Please be prepared to cover or move your displays if necessary.    

Covering:  A securely anchored tent, awning, or umbrella is permitted within the booth space. Participants must provide their own tables and chairs for their booth space.

Confirmation Letter:  A letter or email confirming space reservation and any special requests will be mailed by the Sponsor no later than two weeks before the event.

Liability:  The Participant agrees to assume all liability for any injury or damage to the Participant’s person and for any injury, damages, or theft of the Participant’s property as a result of participation in this event.

Taxes, Licenses:  The Participant agrees to assume the responsibility for paying all state, federal, and/or any other taxes or fees which may be applicable for participation in this event.

Time of Set-Up:  8:30 am - 10:00 am 

Time of Event:   10:00 am - 3:00 pm 

Time of Breakdown:  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

Required as of 2016: 

By law (G.S. § 66-255), all DNCR divisions and facilities that hold events must complete a vendor list. The registration list must clearly and legibly show each vendor's name, permanent address, and Sales and Use Tax ID number. 

Each vendor participating in an event or selling and offering goods for sale at a DNCR facility must register with the DOR and obtain a Certificate of Registration.

In order to obtain a Certificate of Registration, a person must complete form NC-BR Business Registration Application, available through online registration from the DOR website at:

The DNCR facility must require each vendor to exhibit a valid certificate of registration for visual inspection by the DCR facility at the time of registration; and must require each vendor to keep the Certificate of Registration noticeably displayed, so as to be visible for inspection by patrons of the vendor at the places or locations at which the goods are offered for sale. 

The DOR requires DNCR to submit in advance the list of all vendors registered prior to an event or prior to coming onsite to participate or sell goods. For this reason, all vendor applications are due one month prior to the event. 

If the DNCR  vendors have questions, please contact Jonetta Appling of DOR at (336) 487-0203.

Please Note:

If you would like to participate with an Outreach Booth where you do not sell items but instead promote your organization, hand out information etc. you DO NOT need a Certificate of Registration.

Instead fill out the form below and register as an Outreach Booth.

Vendor Application

By checking below and returning this participant application, I have read and understand the terms of the agreement as written on the above Participant Agreement.