Field Trip Requests

Use the form below to submit a field trip request to Duke Homestead with your class. If you are looking to schedule for our Christmas Traditions program, please go HERE.

The Living History Program is geared towards students in 2nd - 5th grade. Each activity takes 30 minutes to complete.

You may choose a combination of activities for a TOTAL OF NO MORE THAN FOUR programs. All groups do the will do the House Tour, but otherwise you may select whichever programs you think work best for your students. A list of activities with descriptions can be found on the Field Trips page.

All morning programs can begin at the earliest at 10:00 am. All afternoon programs begin at the earliest at 1:00 pm.

Duke Homestead is closed on Mondays and cannot offer field trips.

All educational programs are for 10 or more students.

Duke Homestead requests a $1 donation per participating child to cover costs for all programs.

The form you submit is not a guaranteed reservation. After you submit the form we will process your request and be in touch promptly. 

Field Trip Request Form

Please indicate a preferred date and back up date for your Field Trip.

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If you selected Living History, please complete the section below. All groups will do the House Tour, but you may otherwise choose up to three other programs.

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Thank you for completing the Field Trip Request Form. Make sure you have entered in everything correctly and hit submit below. We will contact you shortly regarding your request.