Entries must be dropped off at the Welcome Table along with their ingredient lists.  Entries should be clearly labeled with the contestant’s contact information.  The contest begins at 11:00 am in the historic area at the curing barn. Read the rules below, grab a team, and sign up!

Looping Contest Registration Form

Each team requires 3 team members. List the first and last names of your team members below.

Team Contact Information

The Looping Contest begins at 11:00 am at the Curing Barn. Please arrive a few minutes early so we may begin on time.

Duke Homestead Tobacco Stringing / Looping Contest Rules: 

1. Teams of 3 will compete - one looper and two handers.

2. Time will begin when looper has stick on horse and string on his/her hands. Time will end when string is tied off and broken.

3. Teams will be judged on time as well as quality of stick

4. Points will be awarded for the following:

       Bundle size (3-4 leaves in each)

       Evenness of leaf heads in bundle

       36-38 bundles per stick

       Evenness of bundle heights on stick


       Holding ability (Judges will hold stick and shake to check for       looseness)

5. All teams will use the same ball of tobacco string

6. Total points scored and time will determine the winners.

7. The word of the judges will be final.