Teacher Resources

This page is designed to provide educators with materials that can be used in conjunction with a field trip to Duke Homestead to extend the learning experience beyond the site or on their own as an interdisciplinary way to incorporate history in the classroom.

Below you will find materials designed for pre-k and elementary school students and teachers. Our goal is to continue to expand our supplementary materials to meet the needs of students and teachers. Please feel free to use the form to the right to make suggestions about the kind of materials you would like to see provided by the site.


Elementary School Materials

Before You Visit:

  The Washington Duke Story

  Get to know Washington Duke and understand his impact on our community and our state. 

Back in the Classroom:

  Butter Churning

  Make your own butter churn and then make and eat butter with it!

  Click HERE to download the activity. 

  Digging through our Past: Archaeology of the Classroom

  Create your own classroom dig site and learn how archaeologists understand how old artifacts are.

  Click HERE to download the activity. 

  Growing in the Garden

  Identify the foods that come from a kitchen garden and grow some of your own! 

  Click HERE to download the activity. 

  Yesterday and Today

  Based on what you've learned at Duke Homestead, compare and contrast your life with life in the 1870's.

  Click HERE to download the activity.